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Northwest REGIONAL HONOR for Boys U11, U12 and U13 Teams

Northwest Champions League Invitations to FC Alliance’s BU11, BU12 and BU13 Teams

Joining the highest-ranked Northwest Region boys teams in their age brackets, FC Alliance’s BU11, BU12, & BU13 teams, have been invited to participate in the Northwest Champions League during the 2012-2013 season.
Assistant Coaching Director for Boys Teams, Hugo Alcaraz, believes that the NWCL offers FCA’s players a level of competition that will challenge and inspire their soccer development. 
 “Congratulations to the boys for their invitation to the 2012 NWCL. This is the second year for the 1999 and 2000 boys teams in the NWCL. It’s a great pleasure to see the 2001 team – coached by Santa Maria Rivera – included in the NWCL. Coach Santa’s players have had a terrific BU10 season and their efforts are well recognized. On behalf of the entire club – great job, boys !”
The Northwest Champions League strives to take youth soccer to a higher level of professionalism in organization and operation, while creating a unique level of competition for U12 through U18 premier teams in Oregon and Washington. The NWCL will be a supplement (and not a replacement) to other primary youth leagues in Oregon and Washington such as the Oregon Premier League, Player Development League and the Puget Sound Premier League.

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