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Director of Coaching Dave Schumacher
Boys Teams Coaching Director Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar

Team Coaching Assignments 2014-2015 Season
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Team Age
U10  A
U10  B
U10  C
U10  D    
U10  E    
U11  A
U11  B
U11  C
U12  A
U12  B
U12  C
U13  A
U13  B
U13  C
U14  A
U14  B
U15  A


U15  B
U16  A
U16  B
U17  A
U17  B  
U18  A
U18  B 
Goalkeeper Trainer    

To contact our coaches and trainers, please email

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Executive Coaching Staff and Goalkeeping Trainers

Technical Director - Dave Schumacher; 206-963-9919


Boys Teams Director of Coaching - Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar - 503-504-0901



Goalkeeping Trainers

Jesslynn Kellerman,

Justin Mak -, 206-371-9757


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